Increased seller protections

We're introducing new measures to find abusive buyers, prevent them from filing return requests (under certain circumstances) and in some cases, suspend them. If we find abusive buyer behaviour, we'll remove any feedback or defects from your seller profile. You'll be able to report buyers via the report buyers page.

We also want to give greater search visibility to sellers who own their own inventory or drop ship from wholesalers. For that reason, sellers who violate our drop shipping policy by using retailers or marketplaces to ship directly to buyers will be lowered in search results.

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New benefits in eBay Shops

We're bringing new benefits at no extra cost to eBay Shop subscriptions. Terapeak, a market research tool that helps you find out what to sell, when to sell and at what price, will now be included in your Shop subscription.

The European Sales Booster programme (in partnership with Webinterpret) is now available in the UK for all business sellers with Featured and Anchor Shops. We've also changed the zero insertion fee allowances in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

From June, in the UK and Germany, Anchor and Featured/Premium Shop subscribers will have access to a comparative pricing tool that works via API.

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Improved promotional tools


In the UK and Germany, we're adding multi-variation listing support to our recently launched Multi-buy promotional tool. Additionally, the marketing API will be updated in spring to include Multi-buy campaigns.

In France, Italy and Spain, Multi-buy will be officially launched this spring, allowing tiered discounts to be offered to buyers based on quantity: a reduced price will be applied to the order when a buyer purchases multiple quantities of your items.

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Best Offer

In the UK, Germany and Italy, new enhancements to Best Offer and Send Offer to Buyers tools mean these can now be applied to listings in bulk.

Promote your listings

We're also making Promote your listings more accessible and easier to manage.

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Easy relisting

If you sell an item but it's returned or the sale's cancelled, we'll help you get the item back on sale as quickly as possible.

From May, as you accept and complete a return or cancellation, there'll be a pre-checked box asking if you want to relist the item.

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Renaming the "New - other" item condition

In June 2019, the "New - other" item condition label will be renamed Opened - never used within Electronics and Musical Instruments categories.

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Item specifics and category changes

Item specifics updates

We're continuing with our adjusted approach to product-based shopping on eBay.

Instead of asking you to match your listings to products in the eBay Catalogue, we're asking you to add Item Specifics in certain categories to match the filters your buyers use the most and help us identify your items for display on eBay. In some cases, listings won't go live without the item specifics most important for sales conversion.

The requirements and categories differ per country. Please visit the links below for country-specific information.

Category changes

From 10 June 2019, we'll release updates to our category structure in each region. This is to provide a more intuitive selling, buying and search experience.

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