What you need to know:

  • From 1 May, you'll need to provide item specifics for certain subcategories within Clothes, Shoes & Accessories.
  • From 10 July, you'll need to provide item specifics for certain categories in Home & Garden.
  • Please make sure you've read through our category and classification changes to see how these requirements may affect you.

As we announced in February, we've adjusted our approach to product-based shopping on eBay.

Instead of asking you to match your listings to products in the eBay Catalogue, we're asking you to add Item Specifics to match the filters your buyers use the most and help us identify your items for display on eBay. In some cases, listings won't go live without the item specifics most important for sales conversion.

If you use third-party listing tools, we'll also show you which item specifics are critical for sales conversion and visibility in search. We're working with third-party providers to show this information in their tools.


A reminder on May's Item Specifics requirements

We're taking a phased approach to make it easier for you to adjust and from 1 May we're targeting Clothes, Shoes & Accessories.

We've implemented item specific requirements recently in Fashion and so far we're seeing positive results for both sellers and eBay as a whole, and we expect similar results for the new Home & Garden requirements. These results reinforced the finding that dress listings with the item specifics "Style" and "Dress Length" completed, sell 81% more than those without.*

This requirement is for all new and revised listings and they won't go live without these item specifics. But, we advise you to add these item specifics to existing listings where possible, so you don't miss out on views and potential sales.

Click the link below to download May's requirements. Please be aware that some may have different names as we align with searches on eBay.

Download required item specifics for Clothes, Shoes & Accessories 

If you list in these categories, make sure you've completed these item specifics. Otherwise, your listings won't be published or relisted without them.

On average, listings with these item specifics sell 47% better than those without.**

* Report comparing average sales value per listing for listings with item specifics "Dress Length" and "Style" vs those without from December 2017 - July 2018.

** Based on eBay.co.uk internal data from 30 December 2018 to 6 April 2019.


Home & Garden's Item Specifics requirements

In June, we'll start recommending item specifics to use when selling in Home & Garden. Then from 10 July, we'll require you to provide item specifics in the following categories:

Category ID Category
20444 Home, Furniture & DIY > Bedding
20571 Home, Furniture & DIY > Rugs & Carpets
3197 Home, Furniture & DIY > Furniture

Click the link below to download June's required item specifics for the categories above:

Download item specifics required for Home & Garden


Please note, we'll be monitoring the impact of making item specifics required regularly. Therefore, the required item specifics may be less than those currently detailed and we'll send you a personalised email with the required list nearer the time.

Nonetheless, we highly recommend that you add these item specifics to your listings as they're vital for your sales.

To get a head-start and benefit from listing details more aligned with your buyers' searches, update your existing listings and complete new ones with these item specifics.


Tools to help you

We've updated Seller Hub to let you know about listings that are missing required item specifics. We'll also highlight required item specifics when you attempt to list without them.


Future plans

Later in the year, we'll require more item specifics in the Home & Garden, Fashion and Electronics categories. We'll let you know about these closer to the time and you'll continue to get at least 8 weeks notice to help you prepare.

Our continued analysis of search filters will determine the item specifics we need you to provide. We know it takes more time to provide detailed information for your listings, but we strongly believe the benefits to you on eBay and beyond are worth the effort. Thanks for your cooperation.


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