What you need to know:

  • We recently announced new enforcement against those who don't comply with our Item Location Misrepresentation policy.
  • We're introducing a new, more user-friendly order number format this summer.


Item Location Misrepresentation

Last month, we announced our new enforcement measures against listings and sellers who don't comply with our Item Location Misrepresentation policy. It's important for sellers to accurately state the location of their items so that buyers can use eBay's search filters to correctly select listings based on location. When this doesn't happen, it creates an unfair marketplace for sellers and a disappointing and potentially misleading experience for buyers.

The change means that all sellers are now required to select a postal option that matches the item's location. Sellers are no longer able to create new listings or revise listings where the item location and postal service don't match. In addition, identified Good 'Til Cancelled listings won't renew further and will be ended in June.

Read more about our Item Location Misrepresentation Policy


Updated order number format

Starting in summer 2019, we're introducing a more user-friendly order number format than the one we use in our current APIs to help you align with the online retail marketplace. Each transaction on eBay will have a new order number attached to it, which your buyer will see. The new order numbers will follow the transaction through it's journey from you to your buyer and will keep things simple for you and your buyers:

  • The new number will be unique across all users and sites
  • It will help buyers and sellers to track their orders with just one number from start to finish
  • It will be unique for at least 7 years
  • It will speed up customer support for buyers and sellers

The updated order numbers will appear in the "Order details" section of your View Order Details page, Seller Hub, reports, emails, APIs, post-transaction records, and other locations so you can efficiently track and manage your orders.

We'll support the updated order number format in the new version of our APIs and continue to support order numbers in our current API for backward compatibility. Sellers and developers will need to upgrade to the new version of our APIs to get the new order format and align with details that will be displayed in the user experience. You will see the same information in both the user experience and new version of the APIs that buyers see on their email receipts and in other user experience flows.

For further details, refer to our Unique Order Number page in the UK Seller Centre.


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