What's changing?

The e-commerce landscape is changing quickly. eBay wants to continue investing in the platform so sellers of all sizes can reach a larger audience of online shoppers. In order to do so, we’re changing the Final value fees in your country from the 1st of April, while simplifying and making them more consistent across Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland and Poland. This will also make it easier for these sellers to calculate their fees when selling internationally. 

From the 1st of April, the Final value fees for the Electronics* categories will be changed to 5% and in the other categories** it will be 8.7%. We are removing caps in those categories. For the Vehicles categories***, the final value fee will be a flat rate of 20 EUR.

Please note that these Final value fees for Business sellers are NET, VAT excluded. 
Take a look at the detailed rate card below to see what’s changing: 


  Until March 31 From April 1st
Electronics 4.34%


Sound & Vision (293)
Cameras & Photography (625)
Video Games & Consoles (1249)
Mobile Phones & Communication (15032)
 Computers/Tablets & Networking (58058)

Motor categories
  • €0.01-€2,999.99 €19.57
  • €3,000-€5999.99 0.65%
  • €6,000 or more €39.1

20 EUR

Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles (9800).

Other categories
  • All categories (except Vehicles and those listed below) 8.7%
  • Tech 4.3%
  • Parts 7%
  • Media 7.8%
  • Collectibles 8.7%
  • Clothes, Shoes & Accessories 10.4%
  • Property: free

8.7%, caps removed



















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Note to international sellers
Please be aware that this price change is valid for Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland and Ireland. German, Austrian and UK fees are also updated. You can see the exact price changes on the local pages: