Policy simplification

Our policy structure will be simplified so you can focus on your business and not on having to learn policies.

New Item specifics requirements

A reminder that you still have a month to act before the new Item specifics requirements come into effect on 15 October. We're also improving the experience to help you update your Item specifics.

Updates for Item specifics requirements

Category and classification changes

Changes on our international sites

  • Do you sell on our other eBay sites? We've summarised the international changes for you.
  • Get ready for Brexit - make sure you're prepared if there's 'no deal'.

International changes


Last chance! Submit a German VAT certificate now.

Changes to German value added tax (VAT) laws require all European business sellers to check if they need to register for German VAT. To avoid an account restriction, register with the German tax authorities, apply for a VAT certificate (Bescheinigung nach §22f UStG) and upload it by 1 October 2019.

If you’re required to pay VAT in Germany, take action immediately or your selling account will be blocked from 1 October. No exceptions will be granted.

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