eBay policies help us provide a secure and fair marketplace for all sellers and buyers. We want you to be able to focus on your business, not on having to learn policies.


What you need to know

Starting 1 October 2019:

  • We're simplifying and consolidating our policies on eBay.
  • We're improving our communication for potential policy breaches.
  • With our 'Hide all listings' feature we're helping you to correct a breach and continue selling.


Simplifying eBay policies

We’ve recognised that business sellers need to get to grips with our policies as quickly as possible. And if something goes wrong, you want to focus your efforts on a particular problem for a quick resolution. 
From 1 October, we’re simplifying our policy structure and reducing the number of policies we have overall. It’s important to note that we’re not changing what is and is not allowed on eBay, but we’re consolidating our policies to make them easier to understand. You’ll still find the policies in the Help Centre and we hope you’ll find them much more user-friendly.


Helping you understand policy breaches

Most people sell with the best of intentions. We understand that mistakes can happen and when they do, we’ll help you fix them.
We’ll continue to warn you about listings that breach our policies, but we’re completely reworking our emails and My Messages so that you clearly understand: 

  1. The policy
  2. How you've breached it
  3. The actions you need to take
  4. The consequences if you don't

We’ll give you a grace period to take all the actions you’ll need to resolve the issue.  

Additionally, we’ll be standardising the consequence process for breached policies to simplify the resolution for you. 

Keeping business continuity

We understand that mistakes happen and so from 1 October, we’re also changing how we enforce our policies. Under our current policy enforcement, your listings could be ended and your account suspended.

We’re introducing a new enforcement measure called ‘Hide all listings’. This will temporarily hide all of your fixed price listings in buyers’ eBay search results and browse while you correct a policy breach, rather than end your listings or suspend your account. After this temporary period, your listings will be visible in search and browse again, and you won’t lose any of your item’s sales history. 

The ‘Hide all listings’ feature will temporarily hide your listings from eBay search. However, the buyers who’ve watched, bid on or added your items to their cart will still be able to complete their purchases. And, you’ll still be able to fulfil orders and manage your after-sales. Please keep in mind that as a seller you're still responsible for all required fees.

Please note that the specific listing that breaches the policy will still be ended. Additionally, we'll continue to suspend accounts for certain critical policy breaches, such as counterfeits or prohibited items.


Next steps

You don't need to do anything, but it's worth checking out our new policy structure as it goes live on 1 October.

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