Updates to HTTPS security

HTTPS is fast becoming the industry standard to keep everyone secure online.

We have been using HTTPS for listings on eBay since the end of last year, but if you are still using non-secure, HTTP content in your listings, Google Chrome will mark the page as “Not Secure”, and buyers might not see your full content.

To make sure that your buyers see a "Secure" page, we’re now making a change to how desktop users view such content in item descriptions.

From March 2018, eBay listings with HTTP content will feature a button reading "See full item description", putting the complete description one click away, as shown below:

Magnified view of how non-HTTPS content will be displayed in an eBay listing. Users will need to click a "See full item description" button to access non-HTTPS content.

This experience is similar to how buyers already view all listings on mobile web. Item descriptions that are HTTPS-compliant will continue to display the full description as normal.

To show your complete item description automatically, simply add HTTPS protocol to any non-secure content.

You can do this for 500 listings at a time with our bulk edit tool. Once all your content is on a secure server, select Edit listings in bulk, then use find and replace to replace “HTTP” with “HTTPS”.

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