New insights for you in Seller Hub

Our ambition with Seller Hub is to offer you everything you need to sell and grow, in one place.

Starting in June 2018, we’ll provide you with even more tools as part of Seller Hub, offering more visibility of the status of your buyers’ after-sale requests. We’ll also show you how often you receive these requests, compared to similar sellers who are offering similar items. This will provide you with greater transparency when it comes to your sales.

  • You’ll see new information about transactions when buyers contacted you about items they did not receive, or requested returns when an item is not as described.
  • These new metrics and benchmarks are just for your reference, and will not affect your seller performance standards evaluation or rating.
  • As a reminder, seller performance ratings can be affected if you don’t resolve buyer requests in a timely manner (including where there is the risk of having those cases closed without resolution).

Frequently asked questions


How do you create the benchmarks for my products?


What is the purpose of sharing the new metrics and benchmarks?

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