New legal requirements for marketing tools

Sale event + markdown promotions are a powerful way to promote your inventory and drive sales. To ensure discounts claimed on eBay are related to genuine previous prices and to help you comply with current regulations, we're changing the requirements needed for items to be displayed as a markdown.

  • From the beginning of April, items will need to have been listed at least 14 days at the same price to be included in a markdown.
  • In addition, items should not have been included in a sale event in the 14 days previous to a markdown sale event.

Tip: If the item is not eligible at the time for one of these two reasons, the message "SKIPPED:price" will be displayed within the details report on the promotions dashboard. Find out more about eBay Promotions.

You don't need to do anything if your markdowns only include listings more than 14 days old and with 14 days between promotions. Listing validation will automatically exclude items from new sales when the change is implemented.

For any other markdown events, you'll need to review your promotions to adopt the new requirements. Read our Sale event + markdown guidelines.

If you don't already run promotions, learn about how promotions can grow your sales.

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