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Do you sell on sites other than We've summarised the changes on international eBay sites for you. Please note that these changes can affect your international transactions. The links below lead to pages in the local language.
Fee changes
Shop by Product
Alignment of tyre categories
eBay Shop updates
Seller standards metrics
Improving returns on eBay

Fee changes

  • On and, final value fees will now be based on total cost which is the price of the item plus the postage cost paid by the buyer, combined. 
  • On, and, if you’re an eBay Top Rated seller and you offer free domestic postage, a same-day or 1-day dispatch time and a 30-days return policy on a listing, you’ll benefit from a 10% discount on the final value fee for that item’s sale.
  • On, this discount is on top of the pre-existing 10% discount. 

Read more about the upcoming fee changes on, and

Shop by Product on and

  • On, we’re expanding the scope of the test for the Shop by Product experience to 12 categories. Sellers are asked to suggest edits and new entries to our catalogue to ensure their inventory is reflected as they’d expect.
  • On, sellers are required to associate listings with the eBay catalogue for a limited number of product lines.

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Alignment of tyre categories with industry standards

  • Starting from 31 July 2018, sellers will need to provide certain item specifics on new, revised and relisted tyres listings.
  • On, from late summer 2018, we’re introducing a tyre installation service based on eligible tyre listings from eBay sellers.

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eBay Shop updates

  • On,, and, Shopfronts without custom content will be moved to a new, fully secured and mobile-enabled template by the end of May 2018.
  • On, Shopfronts without custom content will be moved to a new, fully secured and mobile-enabled template by the end of June 2018.
  • In June 2018, we’ll redirect Shops that use custom content to a new, dedicated URL. This is to maintain HTTPS security across our sites. 
  • We’ll move most Shop functionality to the Seller Hub, but some tools will be removed as the vast majority of sellers no longer use them or they’ve been repurposed in Seller Hub. 

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Seller standards metrics

  • From July 2018, we’ll add a new seller metrics and benchmarks tool in the “Performance” tab of the Seller Hub. You’ll be able to see how often you receive “item not as described” and “item not received” after-sale requests.
  • You’ll also receive your first assessment that shows how you compare against your peers.
  • On, for sellers with a very high number of “item not as described” claims in a category when compared to their peers or “item not received” claims for a particular postage destination when compared to their peers, we may add an additional 4 percentage points surcharge on final value fees in that category, or extend the estimated delivery time for that postage destination, respectively. 

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Improving returns

  • On, from May 2018 we’re requiring sellers in affected categories to offer a minimum 30-day returns period. From August 2018, if you haven’t updated your returns period for existing listings in these categories, we’ll automatically update the returns period to 30-days on your listings.
  • On, and, we’re reducing the time all business sellers have to respond to and accept a return or “item not received” request to 3 business days.
  • On,, and, we’re updating our Partial Refunds guidance so it’s more clear when you should be issuing a “less than full refund”.
  • We’re giving you the flexibility to adjust your returns policies for domestic and international purchases.

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